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Cognac, Brandy & Eau de Vie

It’s hard to believe, but cognac used to be an everyday drinking spirit, your first choice for invigorating a bowl of Punch, stirring up into a morning “Cock-Tail” or constructing a mighty Julep. And why not?

Impeccably distilled in copper pot stills (the way it still is today), aged in oak and blended by the original masters of the art, cognac was and is a perfectly-balanced spirit, rich enough to give a drink body but not overpoweringly woody or smoky or anything other than delicious. In other words, the same characteristics that make sipping a good cognac such a comfort and a delight make a well-made Sidecar, Ritz, or Crusta about as good as a cocktail can get. Small wonder it’s been the choice of princes and pirates, poets and playboys and discerning drinkers from English Prime Ministers (Winston Churchill’s capacity for vintage cognacs was legendary) to American actresses (for her contribution to victory in World War II, Tallulah Bankhead made the ultimate sacrifice and gave up her cognac French 75s for the duration). But why let them have all the fun?

– David Wondrich, Brooklyn NY

American Brandy / Eau de Vie

  • Frapin VSOP

  • Peach St Peach Brandy

  • Laird’s 7 1/2yr Apple Brandy

  • Laird’s Bonded

  • Germain Robin Craft Method

  • Jack & Jenny Plum Eau de Vie

  • Jack & Jenny Pear Eau de Vie

  • Jack & Jenny Peach Eau de Vie


  • Remy Martin XO

  • Prunier Axel Gay

  • Martell Cordon Bleu

  • Martell VS

  • Hennessey Privelege

  • Pierre Ferrand 1840

  • Pierre Ferrand Ambre


  • Castrède Selecciòn


  • Boulard VSOP


  • Barsol Primero


  • Jacopo Poli

Classic Brandy Cocktails

  • Pisco Sour

    Barsol Pisco, fresh lime juice, sugar, egg white, angostura bitters

  • Japanese Cocktail

    Prunier Axel Gay, W&G Orgeat, Angostura Bitters

  • Jack Rose

    Laird’s bonded Applejack, W&G grenadine, fresh lime juice

  • Champs Elysèes Cocktail

    Martell VS, Green Chartreuse, fresh lemon juice, angostura bitters

  • Sidecar

    Pierre Ferrand Ambre, Grand Marnier, fresh lemon juice, half sugar rim