Williams & Graham - Drinks


Ahhh…Sherry. Sounds like a girl who sat at your science table in junior high. She was nice, and had a good sense of humor and, if you were smart enough to notice, she was beautiful. But you were in junior high, so of course you didn’t notice. You noticed the obvious and ignored this complex and layered stunner for ripped jeans and a really sexy leather jacket. Well consider this the summer between senior year in high school and heading away to college when the promise of change leads to awakenings and new frontiers. Sherry is sitting there at a house party and you look at her in a way you never have before. Finally you recognize the beauty, but there’s so much more there; she’s complex, she’s versatile and you realize she’s always been there for you no matter your mood. And oh yeah, she’s sexy as hell! You realize it’s time you knew more and you make the walk across the lawn to meet your destiny&emdash;hundreds of years in the making. You’ve never felt such excitement as you know what’s about to happen will be unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. You hope you’re ready but as you look into her eyes for really the first time you know you are in way over your head! She’s got aspects you never even knew you were missing out on till this very moment. Close your eyes and hold on tight…this is about to get good!

– Andy Seymour, aka winegeek, New York, NY

  • Tio Pepe Fino - $7