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…It will leave you breathless.

Vodka is America’s favorite spirit by a long shot. It makes bachelorette parties bearable, and without vodka, no one would ever get laid on prom night, and middle-aged men could never pull good looking young women on South Beach.

On a more serious note… Vodka has a long and illustrious history, dating back as far as the 8th century. Poland and Russia both stake claim to creating Vodka which means “little water”. The evidence seems to lean towards Poland but it is not an argument to start in Russia where to this day, Vodka is consumed in religious quantities, most often in cold “shot” form with food. Traditional Russian Vodka is commonly made from wheat while it’s Polish cousin tends to be produced from Rye. Vodka is often accused and at one point in America was marketed as being “flavorless”. If you taste closely you will find that wheat based Vodka tends to be light and sweet, while rye based Vodka leans more toward rich and spicy. These days Vodka is made everywhere from just about anything from grapes to milk. We suggest you get to know your Vodka by tasting and find which one is right for you.

– John Lermayer, The Florida Room, Miami FL

Colorado Vodka

  • Cap Rock

  • Spring 44

  • Leopold Bros Silvertree

American Vodka

  • Charbay

World Vodka

  • Wodka – Poland

  • Stolichnaya – Russia

  • Ketel 1 – Netherlands

  • Absolut – Sweden

Flavored Vodka

  • Spring 44 Honey

  • Charbay Ruby Red Grapefruit

  • Charbay Blood Orange

  • Charbay Red Raspberry

  • Charbay Meyer Lemon

Classic Vodka Cocktails

  • Frozen

    Absolut served at freezer temperature with a side of cornichons

  • Vesper

    Stolichnaya 100, Spring44 Gin, Cocchi Americano

  • Bloody Mary

    Wodka, W&G House Bloody Mary mix, cornichon garnish

  • Moscow Mule

    Stolichnaya, fresh lime juice, ginger beer

  • Vodkatini

    Spring 44 Vodka, Dolin dry vermouth